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The Work Plan
We customize the approach we take to meet your specific needs. We do this by building from a proven general framework that takes the journey to greatness in phases. Each phase builds off the other and reinforces the next phase. The phased approach allows you to pace the rate of change for your organization. It is also an opportunity to continually customize elements of the approach to meet the specific needs of your organization, and the challenges you face in executing the journey to greatness.
Phase 0: Get Ready
  • Get to know one another—the right chemistry is critical between you and your leadership team and the trusted adviser in this journey.
  • We listen carefully, discuss and create a plan for the initial Phase 1 that meets your specific organizational needs.
Phase 1: What and How
  • Define the strategic intent that represents the movement from vision to reality; a one or two page description of what the organization aspires to look like in 3-5 years.
  • Define the execution blueprint and what work is needed to make it happen.
  • Build alignment on the executive team and get initial buy-in and involvement from middle management, and selected parts of the organization on the strategic intent and the execution blue print
  • Create a communication plan and “mobilization” plan to bring the organization along the journey; get the organization to really understand the path forward and move to action
Phase 2: Roll out and Organizational Execution
  • Roll out the execution campaign and ensure initial execution initiatives are staffed and resourced for success – get to action and early wins
  • Launch the 2-way communication plan with the organization - create numerous feedback opportunities and take the feedback seriously
  • Begin to link the way things are done/the business systems with the changes you are trying to make. Ensure that the HR, IT, financial and budget systems align and reinforce the change effort. As importantly, eliminate the elements of the traditional way of doing things that actually impede the change effort.
  • Keep the leadership team focused on execution - make changes in the leadership agenda and meetings to keep the focus on execution. If you are not managing the business differently than why are you expecting different results?
Phase 3: Deepen and Refine
  • Define and develop the leadership capability required to lead the change and the journey to greatness – both at the top and with the next level of leadership in the organization. Help make them leaders of the change effort. How do your leaders need to “show up differently” to build the trust and credibility required to make change happen and stick in your organization
  • Cascade the approach deeper into the organization. Make the approach more and more relevant to the frontline leaders and operators of the business. Start to work the change process at the next level of the organization to drive deeper change.
  • Lead an annual review process and refine your execution approach taking into account the changes in the business environment and what you have learned from the initial attempt at leading change. Create “rapid review and learning” sessions with your team and the people involved in the day-to-day change effort.